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I am available for talks on ethical and sustainable fashion/living and love a chance to share my passion for changing the world through what we wear and how we spend our money. My understanding is that a lot of people know there are problems in the fashion industry but aren't really sure what they are. They also want to buy better but aren't sure where to start. I give informed talks about the real issues for our planet and it's people caused by the fashion industry. I then offer up personal solutions on how we as individuals can affect change.

If you would like me to come and give a talk at your event or to your group please do get in touch on:

"Rachel's talk on ethical fashion for one of our anti-slavery awareness events was excellent - insightful and inspiring at the same time. I was impressed by how Rachel was able to paint a vivid picture of the dark reality of exploitation in the fashion supply chain whilst not overwhelming the audience. She offered practical tips on how to improve our buying habits, leaving us all better informed and more empowered consumers."

- Amabel Luers, Co-founder of ASIOX (Anti-Slavery Initiative Oxford)

"I learned a lot about the life cycle of clothes, something I had never considered before.  I was challenged to think about the provenance and sustainability of my fashion, and I appreciated the practical suggestions for action." 

- Colleen, Monday Mum's Group 

"Rachel gave an excellent talk on "Ethical Shopping" at our Church Women's group last week. It was well-prepared, thought-provoking and well-delivered. It certainly made us reflect on our shopping choices and habits and prompted some interesting discussion." 

- Tessa Rea, Monday Mum's Group


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