Hello and welcome! My name is Rachel Bearn, I am a writer, blogger and knitter based in the Oxfordshire countryside where I live with my husband and greyhound. This little corner of the internet is where I share my life and loves from slow and sustainable fashion to travelling round my home country of Britain and beyond. I also like to share my love of country living and doing my best to live a conscious lifestyle.

I started this blog back in 2015 when I finally got up the courage to be honest and tell my boyfriend (now husband) my dream of one day becoming a writer. He encouraged me to start this blog in a bid to help me develop my writing style and also get my writing out there. A year or so later, unhappy on my course at university, I decided to leave and follow my dream choosing to study Creative Writing at Oxford University.

I am now studying an MA in Travel and Nature Writing as well as working as a freelance writer (you can read a little more about what I write over on my Writing page). I could never have dreamed all those years ago when I first started typing out blog posts and sharing them with the world that I would be studying an MA and writing full-time. It really has been a dream come true.

As well as all that writing I also run a small crafting business where I sell hand knitted clothing and accessories for you and the little ones in your life. I started this little business in 2019, one of the most difficult years of my life when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and ME. I still live with 24hour chronic pain and fatigue which can make life really very hard, but I hope sharing my words and stories on here will help to encourage other chronic illness sufferers to follow their dreams and never give up.

I am really glad you stopped by my little corner of the internet and I hope you will stay around and read a little more. I share regular posts on my blog but if you’d like to keep even more up to date you can check out my Instagram account. If you’d like to get in contact with me then please do via the Contact page.

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Rachel x



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