Rachel Bearn is a writer based in the Cotswolds. A prolific storyteller from a young age, Rachel has always been inspired by the nature and culture of the British isles, focusing her writing on rural landscapes and the tales of the people who live in them. As a keen knitter, Rachel also loves to explore the stories behind all things yarn, knitting and handmade. Her writing and photography has been published in Woman Alive, Simply Knitting, The Guardian Travel, Around Tenby, Country Living and We are Tearfund. Rachel is also one of the contributing writers to the nature anthology Intrinsic: An anthology of 12 deep-rooted connections with the natural world. You can read more about her writing over on the writing page

In 2018 Rachel developed MECFS, a chronic pain and fatigue condition, that significantly changed her life. She uses her experience to write about chronic illness and invisible disability as well as campaigning for greater awareness. 

Rachel studied an Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing at Oxford University and is currently studying an MA in Travel and Nature Writing at Bath Spa University. As well as freelance writing work, Rachel is writing her first book, a piece of narrative non fiction about the process of rewilding her garden whilst living with significant chronic illness. 

  You can follow her handmade, homegrown and slow life on Instagram here. And her knitting here
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