Friday, 5 February 2021

February: Plant Seeds

At the beginning of January I shared a post about something I had decided to try this year. Each month I am setting an intention to help me focus a little more on what I would like to get out of that time. I am doing this by choosing a word, selection of words or a phrase that I feel encapsulates what I want that month to be. Last month I chose "Slow and Gentle Awakening" and you can read all about that here

This month I have decided on just one word; Plant. February is often a time many gardeners will be trawling through the seed catalogues, swapping seed packets with friends, planning their gardens and even beginning to plant a few seeds in the green house. It is particularly the act of planting seeds that I want to emulate this month. 

When we plant a seed we take a tiny little speck of nothing, burrow it into dark rich earth, feed it with water and sunlight and hope against hope that it may become something green and beautiful. And that is what February shall be for me. I am taking goals, plans and dreams and planting them in the dark. 

My main seed to plant as always will be my writing. I spent January planning away, creating storylines, characters, basic chapter breakdowns and writing plans for my novel and in February I want to continue this. I am also hoping to begin the process of becoming a freelance writer. I've been quite scared to start this as I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and the fear that I am actually a hopeless writer often sets in. But over the last few months I have watched my fellow students on the MA step up and put themselves out there and they've all done so well. It's given me some courage to have a go myself. After all, that is what the MA is all about. 

Of course, I do have a chronic illness and so I have to be fully aware of my limitations and not push myself too much but I think it's time to plant this little writing seed. I will be spending February working on a few article proposals and hopefully, sending out some emails to publications to see if anyone might be interested in publishing my writing. 

Sending out "pitches" as they are called, is much like planting a seed. You send it off into the void and hope something wonderful will come out of it. And very much like my writing career in general, I hope that these first seeds will one day bloom and I will add more and more until I full and vibrant garden. 

And so that will be my phrase this month. To "Plant Seeds" and to hope that one day they will grow into something truly beautiful that I am proud of. 


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