Friday, 14 February 2020

Low Waste Living Part 1: Hair Care

Hello and welcome to my new series "Low Waste Living"! One of my big goals for 2020 is to try and reduce waste, single use items and plastic in my home as much as possible. It's something I've tried to do for a long time now but just kept feeling overwhelmed by all I needed to change in my life. At the end of 2019 I sat down and wrote down all the ways I could help cut down on plastic and waste in our home and made a plan to try to work on one small area of my life each month. It can be as small as changing to a bamboo toothbrush but each month I want to make at least one change that will help improve our planet.

This month I wanted to share how I've changed my hair care to a lower waste alternative. For a long time I struggled to find a way of cutting down plastic and waste in the bathroom particularly when it came to hair. I have a very dry and sensitive scalp so it's hard to find a shampoo that works, I also have a lot of fine hair so any conditioner I use has to be fairly light but still super moisturising for my scalp.

At first I tried shampoo bars but I never felt like a got a good clean with them and they would often break and disinter-grate quite quickly. I started looking into no poo alternatives but the the thought of washing my hair in apple cider vinegar terrified me, I had visions of burning my eyes with vinegar and smelling like a cider barn all day long.

Just before Christmas I saw a post on instagram from The Conscious Beauty Co. all about their shampoo and conditioner. You can order a starter set which comes with two aluminium bottles with screw lids, two plastic pumps and two bags one of shampoo and one of conditioner. You pour the bags into the aluminium bottles and when you need a top up you only have to order the refills. The refills are made sustainably in china and you are sent a free post bag so you can send your refills back to be recycled making the whole thing zero waste.

I got super excited (as is often the way with zero waste things) and decided when I next needed shampoo and conditioner I'd order them. I've used them a couple of times now and am really happy with the result, my hair feels clean, conditioned and soft. They suggest you wait till you have 6 refill packs before sending them back to recycle so I'm storing mine along with our Nespresso capsules and Lush pots that can also be taken back to the store for recycling.

For me this is a great way of becoming low waste. I think there is much we can do as individual consumers but it is also down to capitalism and the systems we have in place in this country. We need more businesses to take responsibility for the products they are producing and also how those products will then be thrown away. It's great to see so many small businesses stepping up to help our planet when the majority of big business won't.

I hope you enjoyed a little peak into how I'm reducing waste this month. I would love to hear any tips for low waste living in the comments below! 

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