Monday, 22 July 2019

New Beginnings with Stitch and Pearl

Some one you may have noticed over on my instagram that I've been keeping myself busy knitting over the last few months of ill health. When my chronic pain became quite severe in December I started to struggle to do a lot of the things I had been able to do before. I developed chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. in the January and I soon found myself unable to read, write or blog. I was stuck at home feeling pretty awful but also incredibly bored by my sudden debilitating illness.

I had already been knitting quite a bit in 2018 but as we moved into the new year and my chronic illness only got worse I started to knit a lot more. I found it was the one thing I could still do even with such extreme exhaustion and pain. I found it relaxed me, calmed me when the pain was bad and helped give me a real sense of purpose each day stopping me from falling into a downward spiral of depression. In all honesty it saved my life. I know that sounds terribly dramatic but when you've lost nearly everything that made you you because you are suddenly unable to do it and your days are spent simply existing in pain and exhaustion you do start to wonder why on earth you're still alive at all.

Knitting saved me. It gave me a purpose and soon I was being told by friends and family that the things I was making were good enough to sell. They encouraged me to start a little online shop selling all the little baby knits I'd been making just for fun. And so Stitch and Pearl was born.

It's taken me a little while to get up the confidence to start selling things as I am such a perfectionist. I worry about tiny little imperfections or things not being completely 100% perfect. But my friends and family have encouraged me that this is the beauty of a hand knitted item. It hasn't been made on a machine and its imperfections give it character.

I've had such an amazing response with so many people telling how much they love the knitwear and my shop launch post on facebook was shared over 15 times! It's really given me the confidence to keep going with this idea. I'm not sure where it will lead but for now it has given me a real sense of purpose. No longer am I just knitting to keep me going but also as a mini business. Chronic pain and fatigue has been a horrible thing to go through but one positive thing has come out of it. It's opened up a completely different door for me and I am so excited to see where this leads.

Please do go over and check out my Etsy shop and my new instagram page. I have already sold one item so there are only two up at the moment but many more coming soon including some adult accessories in September!



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