Friday, 12 April 2019

The Perfect Style

Today I really wanted to share one of my top tips for creating and sustaining an ethical and sustainable wardrobe and that is to create a style over following trends. The ridiculous speed and growth of fast fashion has meant that we now have new styles and trends coming out almost weekly. These encourage us as consumers to drop whatever we are wearing and loving and instead adopt a new trend for a few weeks. We seem to have lost our unique style in this country and instead I see groups full of girls all dressed the same way.

 I remember my first few weeks at university being horrified as I stepped out with my new flat mates to go on a night out. I was the only one not in disco pants, a crop top and heeled boots. It was like a line of clones twisting its way down the street waiting to enter the club. There I was in my vintage white skirt and red spotty crop top standing out like a sore thumb. The funny thing was though that I got a ton of compliments and none of my friends did. This encouraged me to not allow my style to change at uni because of what others were wearing and instead stay true to myself.

Of course in the last six years my style has evolved with age. I've gone from being super cute vintage to a bit more classic but I still have a huge vintage influence in my wardrobe and there are pieces I've had for years that I still wear. For me this is the number one way to keep your clothes going and create a sustainable wardrobe.

So how do you figure out what your unique style is and how do you keep it fresh and current? I would suggest you look at all your clothes and try to find the common theme. What always jumps out at you when you're shopping? What do you see on Pinterest or in magazines that you love? Whose street style do you always covet? For me it's always the classic, elegant, pretty styles that I love. I like anything with a vintage twist and my fashion icons are people like Amal Clooney, Kate Middleton, Julia Engel and Audrey Hepburn.

You want to create a unique style that is timeless so that your clothes will last. Create a Pinterest board full of all the styles that you like and that inspire you and then keep going back to it for inspiration. When shopping think about your style and what is already in your wardrobe. Have a little look at your Pinterest board. Try not to be too influenced by trends and instead go for pieces that will stand the test of time. For example this striped tee I recently picked up from the People Tree sale is such a classic piece. I knew it would go with lots of the trousers and jeans I already owned as well as bags and accessories. I also knew a striped tee never goes out of style and would fit in perfectly with my classic look but also added the feminine side I needed with the peplum bottom. I love it and have already worn it ten times making sure I definitely get my #30wears.

So there you have my top tip for creating a more sustainable wardrobe and to always make sure you get your #30 wears. I would love to hear your tips in the comments below.

What I Wore
Top - People Tree | Jeans - Old | Shoes - Old | Bag - Old

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