Friday, 5 April 2019

Power In The Pound: How Choosing to Spend Differently Can Change The World

I am often asked by friends and family or at the talks I do on ethical and sustainable fashion, how we as individuals can best affect change. People often want to help with so many issues in the world such as slavery, sex trafficking, exploitation of workers rights, poverty, starvation, lack of education, women's rights and so many more, but they just don't know how to get involved. People feel the only way they can change the world is by working for a top human rights charity or devoting their time abroad to amazing projects but this simply isn't true.  

We as individuals have such a great power to affect change simply by choosing to spend our money in a way that will help change the world. And I'm not just talking about giving to charity, although that is a great way to help. There is so much power in our pounds but we often don't realise it. We shop for food, clothes, jewellery e.t.c in the way we always have done but what if we chose instead to do it differently? What if we choose to buy only clothes that have come from a brand that refuses to have slavery or exploitation in its supply chain? What if we choose to only buy food from local farmers markets where we can be assured that the farmer and his workers are being paid correctly? What if we choose to only buy things that make a difference in our world? 

This beautiful bracelet from Eden Ministry is a wonderful example. I was actually lucky enough to be given this as a gift and I have loved learning all about what a difference it makes. Eden Ministry was started by two women who wanted to find a way to break into the sex industry and change the lives of those working in their local red light district. So many of these women have been trafficked, coerced or forced into the sex industry and as Christians, Eden Ministry knew they needed to find a way out for these women. 

They do amazing work offering safe houses, creative therapy, counselling, training in many different areas such as beauty and barista, and language skills. They have funded their work by creating beautiful jewellery with the survivors of trafficking that they work with. Jewellery that not only helps funds their projects but also encourages it's wearer to "Speak Up" and make a difference in the world. 

Eden Ministry is just one of many brands that we are seeing emerge recently who are trying to change their world. It was so exciting to see a few at the Ethical Christmas Shopping Event I spoke at in November and if you would like to learn about a few more brands doing amazing things please pop over to that post and take a look. 

It has now become so easy to find brands doing amazing things and this is where we have our power. If every time we want a new dress, a piece of jewellery or a gift for some one we choose to buy it not just from a brand who reaps the profits but from a brand that is trying to make a difference, then we in turn will make a huge difference ourselves. For Christmas 2018 I did my best to buy every member of the family gifts that would help change the world. We spend over £350 at Christmas by choosing brands that make a difference that £350 could help change so many lives. 

Today I really want to encourage you as an activist for change you can make such a difference simply by spending your money better. Whether it's for you or for someone else, if we continually strive to choose beautiful things that mean so much more than what we find on the high street, together we can change lives. Never forget just how much power is in your pound. 

What I Wore...
Top - M&S | Jeans - Old | Bracelet - Eden Ministry 



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