Sunday, 6 January 2019


Today is Epiphany,  which unfortunately means it's officially the last day of the Christmas holidays. It's also the last day of my school holidays so I am back to work tomorrow morning and so I've decided to finish the holiday with a little treat.

In my family we wait until Epiphany to take our decorations down which is an old English tradition but something I didn't know was tradition on this day is something called an Epiphany tart. In the victorian era especially, people would bake an Epiphany tart to celebrate the coming of the wise men to visit Jesus and the end of Christmastime. An Epiphany tart is basically a fancy jam tart with a star of David in the middle separating the tart into 16 different triangles that house different flavoured jams in them. This represents the star followed by the wise men to Bethlehem where they found the baby Jesus.

As a practising Christian myself I thought it would be a fun way to finish off the season to have a go at baking one myself. As I'm a bit of a busy bee at the moment I decided to go the super easy route and use pre-made short crust and jam but if you wanted to be more traditional you could of course make the pastry and jam yourself.

It was harder then it looked and we made a rather blobby star of David but I quite like the homemade look and feel to it. Looking forward to tucking into this later today. Oh and if you were wondering, it was totally vegan!


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