Tuesday, 1 January 2019

2019 Goals

I know a lot of people aren't a fan of New Years resolutions but I absolutely love a chance to set myself new goals. You'll find me at the beginning of most weeks or months planning out what I'd like to achieve during that time and I find it really helpful. It keeps my buzzing brain more focused and I can clearly map out what I want to do.

I think it's important when setting goals to focus on achievable and to make it more of a plan. It can be hard setting yourself ridiculously high goals that you can never achieve and constantly being faced with the feeling of failure. Having said that I do think New Year is a great time to dream, to think about what you would love your life to look like and to really set yourself up for success.

2018 was the best years of my life and I am so excited for 2019 and all it will bring. As I said I love to keep myself focused, to plan but also to dream a little. So here are my goals for 2019, I hope they will inspire you as well to create the kind of life you want to live in 2019.

1. Launch my magazine - Fully Known will be launching online on the 8th March 2019 and I am so excited!

2. Improve this space and keep campaigning for sustainable and ethical fashion and living.

3. Learn to do a handstand - My yoga has improved so much this year I wanted to test myself a little in 2019 and push my body more.

4. Keep exercising 3-5 times a week.

5. Try Veganuary (post on this coming soon!)

6. Start planting my own fruits, veggies and herbs.

7. Take a holiday just me and my husband - we went away a lot with our family in 2018 which was lovely but I want to try and prioritise some holidays just for us.

8. Read 52 books - I set a goal of 50 in 2018 and managed 53 so decided to set this goal again. Reading so much has been such a great goal this year and I'm looking forward to all I'll learn in 2019.

9. Knit Russell a cardigan - I have been improving and learning so much more with my knitting this year and so I think it's finally time to try and make my husband the cardigan he's always asking for.

10. Keep focusing on improving health and finding holistic ways to heal my chronic illnesses - food and exercise is my remedy of choice and I want 2019 to be the year of eating wholefoods and lots of plantbased meals.

11. Move to a bigger home - my husband and I have been renting a tiny one bed flat here in Oxford and we are finally in the position to rent something a bit bigger and more expensive. We are hoping to move to a two or three bed property in one of the local villages, preferably with a garden with lots of space for growing things and a country walks just down the road.

12. Start fostering - This is quite a big one, something I've not really shared about much on here. It's still in the beginning phase but my husband and I are starting the journey to become foster parents. I am hoping 2019 will be the year we get to take care of our first foster child.

I would love to hear your goals down in the comments and I hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve Tonight

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