Wednesday, 12 September 2018

National Quietness Day

Today is National Quietness Day and I wanted to share a few tips on quietness and why it’s important to be quiet once in a while. We live in a very busy, hectic and loud world where we rush from one thing to next never taking time out to breath and simply be. Over the years I have seen just how detrimental living life in this way can be and so I try to make sure I take time out to be quiet and to be still. I would really like to encourage you to do the same and I can promise you will find yourself in a better place mentally and physically.

Switch Off Your Phone;

This is the first tip for being quiet. We don’t have to be physically speaking to be a part of the noise of the world. The rise of social media has meant the worlds noise never switches off and I know I am guilty of using that noise to drown out what I am actually feeling. This is such an unhealthy way to live and I would really encourage you to take time away from your phone, away from social media and learn to be quiet and still within yourself.

Look Away from the Screen:

Just like phones, things like TV’s and laptops can drown out your thoughts and feelings. Try switching them off for a little bit and opt instead for a book. There is something so beautifully peaceful about sitting quietly in the corner reading and it will refresh you so much more than mindlessly sitting in front of the television.

Use Your Hands:

Do something that uses your hands like knitting, painting, colouring, cooking. Quietly focusing on a task can be so rewarding and also relaxing after a long day outside in the busy world. You also get the added bonus of creating something with your own hands.

Yoga and Meditation:

I love my yoga sessions. One of the most beautiful yoga sessions I have had was when I was on holiday recently. I decided to do my yoga outside by the water. It was silent accept for the sound of birds and water lapping at the shore. It was so peaceful just focusing on my breathing and movement as the world was quiet all around me.

Likewise, with meditation, just sitting calmly and quietly by yourself focusing on the present can be such a wonderful way to feel restored. Try using a mindfulness app or take yourself out to a beautiful spot in nature and watch the waves lapping or the trees swaying.    

Go Out into Nature:

I find it very hard to find quietness in the city. Going into nature can be so restorative and the beautiful stillness and quietness of a wood or a lake can really help to centre you in the present and help still your mind. If you struggle to stop thoughts buzzing around all the time I would really suggest a quiet solitary walk in nature or just sitting in a place of natural beauty and listening to the stillness of the world.

These are just a few ideas of how to enjoy quietness. I would really encourage you to try some of these today for National Quietness Day. If you have any of your own ideas I’d love to hear them in the comments.     


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