Monday, 16 April 2018

The Year For Peace

 Yesterday I turned 24. An age which does feel quite grown up although I am sure a lot of people would say it is not. Something I love to do when a new season of life starts, be that the new year, new season, new job or a new age, is to reflect on the previous season of life and to make plans and goals for this coming season. I set some quite extensive goals and intentions at the beginning of 2018 which I am pleased to say are already going well and I have started to feel the benefit of making changes, therefore I don't feel I want to make any goals for the next year of my life.

I did however, hear about an idea one New Year which I really liked. The idea is that you give yourself a word for the new year, something that encompasses the type of year you want to have. I thought this was a really interesting idea so I have decided to do it for my year of being 24. My word this year will be peace.

There are a few reasons why peace is the word I've chosen. Firstly, I want to spend this year learning to be at peace with where I am at the moment. For a while now I have always been looking to the next stage of my life. When I was studying I was thinking about working, when I was working I was thinking about moving up to earn more money and when I went back to study I was thinking about the day I would become a published author. I have spent the last few years never feeling settled or at peace with myself. This year I really want to learn to be at peace with where I am at, to learn to be present and to enjoy and not always looking towards to future but instead looking at what I have right now.

Secondly, I want to learn more about being at peace in my day to day life. I recently wrote a post all about the ways I have managed to reduce stress and anxiety in my life and I do feel I have already achieved so much when it comes to my day to day life. I do however, want to continue to learn to be a more peaceful person. It still doesn't take much for me to become angry, emotional or stressed, I think this is due to my personality and for others it may be easier to control these emotions but that doesn't mean I can't learn this behaviour. As I said in my post, I feel so much better now than I did three years ago but learning peace will always be a developmental process for me I think.

Finally I have chosen peace because it is the feeling that makes me happiest. One of my goals for 2018 was to create a really peaceful morning routine which I am glad to say I feel I have really achieved. Each morning I wake up and spend time reading the bible followed by yoga and Christian meditation and prayer. Doing this each morning fills me with so much peace and I find often the rest of my day is spent feeling happier and calmer. I feel so at peace each morning and I want to continue to develop that feeling. That is also the feeling I get when I spend time out in nature going for walks, lying in the sun and breathing in the fresh air. My husband and I love spending time outdoors and even when it's raining I feel happiest there. This year I want to encourage myself to do the things that bring me that sense of peace more. More yoga, meditation, prayer, spending time in nature and reading the bible. I also want to spend the year learning new ways to feel that peace like colouring, knitting and maybe trying my hand at gardening.

Have you ever given yourself a word for a particular season of life? What would your word be and why? I'd love to hear in the comments.   


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