Friday, 20 April 2018

The Oxford Diaries: A Blenheim Birthday

Isn't this weather we are having wonderful? I don't know about where you are but Spring has finally come to Oxford and we are now being treated to blue skies and warm sunshine. Unfortunately the sunshine didn't appear for my birthday on Sunday but we decided to brave the showers and take a picnic to Blenheim Palace. We aren't ones to be frightened by the cold or a little bit of rain and luckily we managed a picnic and a lovely walk to see the all the Spring flowers before the showers started.

We began in the Pleasure Gardens and were treated to the most beautiful cherry blossom. The cold weather through March seemed to frighten the blossom away everywhere in Oxford so I was super excited to see these beautiful pink trees.  

We then decided to go into the Butterfly House. I love this place but it is usually very busy at the weekends but the cold weather must have frightened everyone away because it was practically empty. We made our way around marvelling at the beautiful butterflies and birds and one little butterfly decided to land on my arm. 

After lunch we made our way into the formal gardens and went to see the Winston Churchill Memorial which we have never seen before. We were greeted to a carpet of sunshine yellow daffodils which made us feel, despite the cold, that it really was Spring. 

We finished off our walk at the cascade which was another part of Blenheim we hadn't been to. It was a lovely day despite the clouds and it felt so nice to get out into nature again. I can't wait for more Spring adventures now the weather seems to have finally warmed up. 


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