Friday, 19 January 2018

The Forest of Dean

To start off out little weekend away we decided to go for a walk in the Forest of Dean. I'd been wanting to visit the Forest of Dean for a while now, often seeing it on instagram accounts I follow and on British travel blogs, so when I saw that we were only 35 minutes drive I thought it would be the perfect place for a cold winter walk and a picnic in the car. 

We were very lucky to be greeted by these porky fellas on our arrival. We couldn't believe that four wild boar were just hanging about the car park snuffling in the ground for their dinner. They were obviously used to the sound of cars and people as they seemed completely unfazed by the fact they were by a road and by the many people stopping to take snaps of them. 

We started our walk through a small arboretum but as usual we decided to look for a quieter part of the forest to explore and were soon trundling down a near empty track. 

We were then greeted by one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen. Walking across our quiet track through the forest, just a few metres ahead of us were a herd of red deer. There were about 8-10 of them slowly crossing in front of us. If you look carefully in the photo below you can just about see one of them staring straight at us. We then carefully and quietly walked down the path in search of them and were soon able to find them all grazing in the forest not too far away. We watched as majestic stags with huge antlers gracefully wandered through the trees. They stayed there for about 10 minutes often looking back at us to see if we would come any closer. It was one of the most magical things I have ever seen. 

If you look carefully in the photo below you can make out a stag staring at us through the trees. His Antlers were just amazing! 


It was such a lovely walk and a great start to our weekend. I'd really love to go back to the Forest of Dean in the summer when it will be a bit more green and see if we can spot anymore wildlife. 



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