Sunday, 14 January 2018

One Year

One whole year. It seems so strange remembering a time when I wasn't Russells wife, it feels so long ago and so alien and yet this year has gone incredibly fast. Being married to Russell is the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced and without going too gushy on you all I wanted to compile a first year post to remember a few of the highlights of our first year of marriage. 

Our first year of marriage started off amazingly with what I always describe as the best week of my life - our honeymoon. We stayed in a beautiful cottage in the middle of nowhere in the Lake District and had the most wonderful time. We went on walks through the beautiful countryside, we ate lots of yummy food, we slept for 12 hours a night and spent our evenings curled up in front of the log burner reading or watching a movie. It was such a beautiful beginning to our marriage. 

One of the big highlights of our first year definitely has to be getting the chance to celebrate our wedding all over again with my lovely residents. I used to work in a care home for the elderly doing activities and so many of the residents had expressed a wish to see my wedding photos and be involved in our plans and so Russell and I dressed in our wedding clothes went around the care home to say hello to all my friends. My Mum also had another smaller, less grand cake made so we could all have a slice of that together.  

Spring seemed to come around very fast and we were soon enjoying warm sunny weather in Oxford. We got in a lot of lovely walks in the sunshine, enjoying the spring flowers and chatting about nothing and everything as we went. We spent Easter and my birthday in Scotland and on the way down stopped for a few days in York with Russells sister. We fell totally in love with the city and started to wonder if the beautiful cobbled streets, stunning old buildings and and gorgeous Yorkshire countryside could be a place to call home one day. 

We also enjoyed the beautiful wedding of our friends whilst in Yorkshire, the first wedding of three this year where we would dance the night away together remembering our own special day. 

Our summer was full to the brim with sunny days, country walks and lots of good food. We enjoyed evening picnics by the river Thames before taking a dip in the pleasantly cool waters. We attended many a food festival in Oxfordshire and relished in the fact so much of our relationship revolves around a love of food! We also got to visit the famous confetti flower fields and lavender fields in Evesham, a gorgeously beautiful sight which I can't wait to revisit. We also enjoyed a lovely week away with Russells family and friends at Refuel Festival up in Fochabers Scotland. 

We learnt more about each others hobbies and passions over the year as Russell took me to many a car show and told me more about whisky and cigars. I in turn encouraged him to read more and we enjoyed seeing an open air production of a Twelfth Night at the Bodleian in Oxford (Russells first experience of Shakespeare on the stage!)

We also made the effort to learn to love and appreciate the city we live in a bit more. It was a hard choice not to move to Yorkshire, where we feel we truly belong, but we have really tried to get to know Oxford a bit better. Despite being ridiculously expensive it is rather beautiful and has a lot to offer.  

The summer soon ended and Russell entered his final term at university. It was an exciting time for both of us as we looked forward to the new opportunities open to Russell. We enjoyed many country walks at National Trusts and Blenheim Palace, taking time to appreciate the stunning colours of autumn and appreciate the last few weeks of university life. We also undertook a sponsored walk in aid of the Alzheimer's Society and in support of my wonderful Nana, it was quite an amazing experience and I hope we can do something similar together again. I had a lovely two weeks off work in October which were mainly spent catching up on uni and reading, but we managed a few trips out in between Russell working on his dissertation, including a trip to Jane Austen's House where we dressed as Darcy and Elizabeth. 

December was quite a busy and stressful month with Russell's final university deadlines and dissertation hand in as well as his search for a job to start in Jan. My knee condition also became a lot worse due to the cold weather and I was forced to stop working but as always, through it all we still had fun times. We enjoyed the few days of thick snow in Oxford taking walks round our local neighbourhood and visiting Blenheim Palace for some amazing photos in the snow. We also managed to fit in a few Christmassy activities including the amazing Christmas food market at Waddesdon Manor.   

We spent Christmas with Russells family this year (my first year away from my own family) and I enjoyed getting to join in with some new traditions such as Christmas Eve lunch out and a torchlight boxing day walk. 

It has been a truly wonderful year of marriage. I have been blessed with the kindest and most loving man and I often find myself wondering how I got this lucky. 2017 was a very hard year for me and I honestly couldn't have gotten through it without his continued love and support. I know at times, I was absolute hell to live with and yet never for a moment did he not take the best care of me that he could. We still have so much to learn and although it hasn't always been easy being married is truly wonderful. I am loving doing life with him by my side and  I can't wait to see what adventures year two has in store for us. 



  1. Aww happy one year anniversary to you both, here's to many more! It seems like you've had such a wonderful year and I especially love the fact that you guys wore your wedding clothes and reenacted your wedding for the residents, that's so sweet. Congratulations again! xx

    Coco Bella Blog

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