Friday, 5 January 2018

Christmas Toasties and Windswept Walks

Ahhhh Christmas. It already feels so long ago! We got back from our 10 day holiday in Scotland on Monday night and already I feel like the days of leisurely lying on the sofa reading in front of the fire are long gone. I had planned on doing a little bit of blogging whilst we were away but I just felt too tired and instead I relished my first holiday in years where I did very little writing. I love writing more than anything but for the last few years every holiday, day off and evening has been spent fitting it in after my working day and so it was nice to have a holiday where all I did was read and relax. Having said that, we did take our camera and new lens around with us on the few days I actually venturing outdoors and away from my cosy reading nook by the fire and I thought I'd share a few posts of our holiday.

 It has become a bit of a tradition now when we are in Scotland, to go for a toastie at The Cheesy Toast Shack at Kings Barnes beach and we couldn't think of a better way to kick start out holiday. And so we packed up little Tilly in the back of the car and all squeezed into my sister in laws five seater and trundled along the little lanes of Fife towards the beach.


 It was a blustery day but with the most beautiful pastel sky and we enjoyed a short stroll before feasting on the amazing toasties. I am now forever disappointed in all toasties that don't come from this amazing little shack.



  1. pretty pictures :)
    Tell me about it ! I am back from Xmas holiday too and it seems it was weeks ago :(


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