Monday, 27 November 2017

The Oxford Diaries: Exploring Great Milton

I think one of my simplest pleasures in life is finding new places to explore right on our doorstep. I am always on the look out for a great new place to go for a walk, a little local pub to try or a town with cute shops to look in. Moving out of Oxford and more into the countryside has opened up a whole new part of Oxfordshire for us but there are still so many places left to explore especially the little villages that surround us. I'd been wanting to visit the village of Great Milton just to have a nosey at Raymond Blancs Le Manoir (which we definitely did do!) but what I wasn't expecting was to find a beautiful Cotswold village perfect for a Sunday walk.  

The village is full of beautiful little cottages and dreamy houses. If staying in Oxford long term meant we got to live in one of these beauties I could definitely get on board! 

One of the best parts of the village was definitely the beautiful 15th century church. Unfortunately, as is the way with many churches these days, it was locked however, we did enjoy wandering the grounds, enjoying the architecture and finding some stunning trees still clinging onto their autumn leaves. 

I know it might sound strange but I really love church yards. I find them so peaceful and as a writer they are full of inspiration. I love to read the old moss covered grave stones and try to imagine the lives of the people buried beneath. 

Before going home we decided to stop off in the local for a quick drink. As always we sat outside, enjoying the frosty air and warm sun. 

The Bull had such a friendly atmosphere and the food smelt amazing, we will definitely be back in the next few months to try some of it. 

I really enjoyed a little walk around Great Milton and am definitely planning a few more exploratory trips to some of the villages round by us. I can't wait to see what else we can find on our doorstep.....


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