Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Oxford Diaries: A Basildon Adventure

I really cannot get enough of these beautiful autumn leaves, every year I can't wait for the start of autumn and every year my expectations are exceeded as I am surrounded by forests of burnt oranges and warm browns. Although we haven't had a huge amount of spare time recently we have been taking every opportunity to get into the countryside and crunch through the leaves. A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have a visit from Russell's parents and a very special guest. 

Tilly made the journey all the way down from Scotland just to visit us and so of course the only thing to do was to take her to one of our favourite National Trusts for a good old kick about in the leaves.  

As you can see Tilly felt very at home in the grounds of a large manor house. 

Basildon Park is a great National Trust to take a dog as the only place off limits to four legged friends is the actual house. Our furry friends even have their own section of the cafe and although a little chilly this time of year its fine if you've got a warm coat, a hot chocolate and of course a giant scone to keep you going.  


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