Friday, 7 April 2017

Remix: Spring Stripes

I've got a bit of a different fashion post today, I've recently started learning a lot more about sustainable fashion and although I am planning a bigger post where I talk more in-depth about this subject I wanted to share a little in this post. One thing I've really struggled with writing a fashion blog is being part of that fast fashion culture. A culture that says you need new clothes and new outfits every week because you couldn't possibly wear the same thing twice. A culture that says don't worry about that £10 dress, it was only £10, wear it once and chuck it away. I used to love buying lots of new cheap clothes from Primark or H&M every month and then replacing them the next month but as I got a little older I realised actually I preferred buying less and investing in key pieces I could wear again and again. I don't think I will ever have a capsule wardrobe, I love clothes and fashion too much, but I do want my wardrobe to become less disposable. I have really struggled being a fashion blogger because I feel like I need to show a new and different outfit every week on the blog but the truth is I don't want a new outfit every week. I want to buy a beautiful dress I love and then wear it again and again until it's completely worn out. I want to break this fast fashion culture we see on blogs today and instead start having a more sustainable wardrobe. 

In todays post I am wearing one of those cheap Primark tops I bought over a year ago and then hardly wore. I found it again in the back of my draw and although one of my new resolutions is to stop buying cheap clothes I realised the best thing I can do is stop buying clothes I don't need and instead wear the ones I already have again and again. I want to find new ways of styling them and I'd like this to be a feature on my blog so I am starting a new series called Remix. This series will be outfits in which one or more item I have shown before on the blog but styled in a different way. This top I styled last summer in this blog post and I love how changing up what I style this top with can make a completely different outfit. 

As I said before I've got a post coming out soon about sustainable fashion and some of the ways I am hoping to change my own wardrobe and how I consume so if you're interested in learning more look out for that!

What I Wore...
Top - Primark (Old) | Jeans M&S (Old) | Bag - Fairtrade | Sunglasses - Tribe | Shoes - Primark (Old)



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