Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Monthly Read: April

Elizabeth Is Missing By Emma Healy

I have literally just finished this book and started to write a blog post straight away. That is how much I enjoyed it! Although enjoyed probably isn't the best word as this is quite a dark book, it follows the story of Maud Horsham an elderly lady with dementia and interestingly it is written in the first person. I was given it by one of my course mates at uni as my latest writing project is a novel about somebody with early onset alzheimer's. Although I don't want to write in the first person it was so interesting to see Emma Healey's interpretation of what living with dementia is like. Currently working in a care home with people with dementia and also having had my own personal experience of a family member with alzheimer's I found this book to be strikingly realistic. I was amazed at how accurate Healey managed to portray the protagonists slow decline as the dementia takes hold.

The story centres around Maud Horsham and fixation that her friend Elizabeth has gone missing. She is becoming increasingly confused due to her dementia but this worry that her friend Elizabeth is missing continues to come up. As is often the way with dementia the present and the past become very muddled inside Maud's head and her friend Elizabeth being missing reminds her of her own sister going missing 70 years ago. As the story progresses the mysteries entwine and a disturbingly dark truth is unearthed.

It was a gripping novel, I found it very hard to put down and I am so glad it was recommend to me. If you work with people with dementia or have friends or family with dementia I would really recommend you read it as it has a great insight into what it feels like to live with dementia. It's also a great book if you are looking for something a little different and full of suspense. Thoroughly enjoyable!

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