Monday, 10 April 2017

Dungaree Dress


The weather right now is making me so happy! I'd forgotten just how much I loved sunny days where you can go for walks in nothing but a T-shirt and trainers. I love being outside in the fresh air and surrounded by greenery and this weather is the perfect excuse to go adventuring round the grounds of a new Nation Trust. We had wanted to go to West Wycombe Park for a while as it's featured in a couple of films we've enjoyed and also because the grounds are just so gorgeous. It was a great place for a slow Sunday amble and I imagine in the summer it would be love to bring a picnic and a book and just spend the afternoon relaxing. West Wycombe Park has some really interesting features including some Roman temples and a picturesque brides across the edges of the lake. At the Temple of Winds we came across more ladybirds than I think I have ever seen in my life, the building was covered in them from head to foot!

This dungaree dress I am wearing is a buy from Fatface last summer. Its a great piece that I feel you can wear all year with a wooly jumper and tights in the winter and a T-shirt and bare legs in the summer. I love Fatface clothing, it's one of those brands that makes pretty and simple clothes but they are also practical and great for someone like me who loves a good amble around the countryside. I also love their commitment to creating ethical clothing, not only do they work very hard to reduce their environmental and social impact but they also create clothing that lasts and doesn't need to be replace every year.

What I Wore
Dungaree Dress - Fatface (Old) | Top - Matalan (Old) | Shoes - Primark 

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