Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Lake District | Coniston

Whenever I go to the Lake District I can't help but be reminded of Beatrix Potter at every turn. I think this probably started after I saw the film "Miss Potter" when I was 12 and saw all the beautiful locations where she spent her later life. It was around that time that my parents decided we would go to the Lake District every year in autumn for holiday. The film Miss Potter definitely piqued an interest in Beatrix Potter, I loved how much of a rebel she was and that she was writer just as I wanted to be. I can definitely see why she chose to live in such a beautiful place, for a writer it offers endless inspiration and I imagine when you get one of those annoying writers block moments a nice stroll around the cumbrian countryside will soon get the juices flowing again.

Unfortunately "Hilltop" the house in which Beatrix Potter lived was closed when we went due to it being out of season so instead we went for a wander along the shores of Coniston. It was absolutely gorgeous and again a very easy lake side path. On our way back home however we happened to pass Yew Tree Farm Cottage which I remembered as the cottage they had turned into Hilltop for the film "Miss Potter". A while ago I came with my Mum for afternoon tea and read all about the filming process that had taken place here. Unfortunately they no longer serve afternoon tea and instead Yew Tree can be rented as a holiday cottage, but I still wanted to have a little wander around the front of it. The house is framed by stunning hills behind it and I can imagine it would be an absolutely amazing place to live. I think if I was ever to live in the Lake District this would be exactly the type of house I'd want.

It felt very fitting to be wearing my little book dress for our day of tracing Beatrix Potter's steps and I think she would have approved of the design. I hope we can go back at some point when Hilltop is open and have a look around, I don't think I will ever get bored of looking into Beatrix Potters life, she was a great feminist, writer and helped to conserve much of the Lake District so it is still as beautiful today as it was then, she's definitely one of my big inspirations.

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Dress - Cath Kidston | Cardigan - M&S | Necklace - Fatface

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  1. I want to wear this to my next book club meeting :)


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