Monday, 20 February 2017

Casual Marilyn

Its getting warmer! It may only be a few degrees but I am very excited by the rise in temperature. It means that spring is on its way which means flowers, sunshine, lighter evenings, the odd picnic and Easter! Being a Christian, Easter is quite a big celebration for me and my husband and I love any excuse to decorate the house in flowers and bright coloured eggs so I can't wait. I know we still have pancake day, lent and St Patricks day to go but I am still finding myself getting all my pretty spring dresses out for the Easter season. Having said that I am rather excited for pancake day next week and will be having my usual nutella and banana pancakes before trying to eat less sweet things during lent. 

These trousers, although black, are more of a spring/summer staple for me as they are rather lightweight. I bought these a while ago in a winter sale but haven't had the confidence to wear them after I put weight on, now I've lost the weight I am finding I am a lot braver with my outfit choices. They are definitely the comfiest trousers I own and I love wearing stripes, I feel like they brighten up my day a bit. I love the comfiness of this outfit and whilst looking through these I couldn't help thinking of the photos Marilyn Monroe on her casual days. She often wore comfy tight fitted jumpers with little cropped trousers and I absolutely love that look of sleek but comfy. I'm looking forward to styling these up in a different way when they weather gets warmer.  

What I Wore...
Scarf - Vintage | Top - M&S | Trousers - New Look | Bag - Fairtrade | Shoes - George 

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  1. hello Rachel...what a nice photos!...what a nice Look!'s a super nice look! the photo IMG_9803.JPG is very charming ...cheers!


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