Monday, 5 September 2016

Summer Holiday

August has been busy! I feel slightly like a headless chicken running around, moving house, planning our wedding and trying to start a new job. Its been a good month but also for some one with anxiety, dealing with a lot of things all at once isn't the best. Luckily I was clever enough to book myself some holiday time at the end of the summer before the madness of Autumn begins. We have taken two weeks off in total and spent one in Hereford and one in Scotland. Its been really great to get a bit of chill out time just the two of us and catch our breath after the business of the last two weeks of August.

Some of you may remember I left my job in June and took a massive leap into the dark, spending the summer the writing has been amazing but I am also quite relieved to start a new part of my life. I will be starting a job later on in September as well as a part time course in Creative Writing at the University of Oxford which is very exciting. I honestly didn't know what a summer of writing would mean for me or what God would do but it has certainly been a learning curve and something I've really enjoyed. I've also found that staying around in Oxford during the summer has been quite good for me as I've discovered a way of enjoying my time here. I've mentioned in previous posts about my struggle with living in the city in the South and so we have decided to move out to a village outside of Oxford which is quieter and suits us better. I'm hoping this will help me to learn to love Oxford and not be always pining for the wild countryside of the north.

We took these photos just before going out for dinner and it was then that it really felt like a holiday, the air was warm from the last few rays of golden sun and we both had that satisfied feeling of having relaxed all day. These few weeks off have definitely been needed not just to catch up with each other but also to catch up with myself and spend some time feeling like me again. I'm excited for the next few months but for now I am just enjoying the last few days of summer.

What I Wore...
Top - Fatface | Skirt - Asos | Sandals - Old 

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  1. hello,ciao...cheers and congrats!
    nice photos with lovely light and your outfit is charming,the photo 9878 is breathtaking!


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