Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Things To Do On Rainy Summers Days

Lets be honest a summer spent in Britain normally means as many rainy days as sunny ones and although I complain about the weather as any normal British person should I do love a good summer rain storm. We have actually been having quite a few this past fews weeks down in Oxford and so I've suddenly found myself with an excuse to keep cosy and snuggle down on my sofa. I thought I would do a post on all the things I love to do when thunder strikes.

1. Watch The Rain - when I hear that first crack of thunder I always get excited. I don't know what it is about thunder storms that make me happy, the dramatic noises, the way everything sparkles or the smell of fresh rain but whatever it is I love them. So one of my favourite things to do is simply sit on my sofa with the two french windows open into my garden and watch the down pour. I find it's like watching the ocean or a flame, very soothing and calming, I enjoy being still and sitting in the present moment watching Gods creation.

2. Go For A Walk In It - this is definitely one of the funnest things to do. I love a good rainy walk in my wellies and waterproof. I like to go out with absolutely no make up on and just feel the rain fall all over me without a care in the world. One tip would be not to wear jeans though as me and my fiancé experience during a rainy walk, it makes things a lot harder.

3. Cosy Up With A Book - I love reading be it in the winter in front of a fire or lying in the grass under the sun in summer so a rainy day is a perfect excuse for me to chill out on the sofa with a book. I love to open a window and let the sound of the pouring rain soothe me as I'm reading.

4. Get Creative - Be that singing, dancing, writing, colouring or baking whatever floats your boat! I love to colour on a rainy day and I have recently discovered a love for making floral crowns. I can happily spend a rainy afternoon crafting away at my dinner table. You never know what you might come up with!

So there you have it my rainy day activities! What do you like to do in the rain? Leave me a comment and let me know!



  1. My favourite - cosy up with a book! Love this even when it's not raining :)

    1. I'm the same! Any excuse to spend all day reading haha xx


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