Monday, 27 June 2016

Simple Goodness

This month has been all about simple pleasures for me. I left my job at the beginning of June (which you can read about here) and started working from home as a freelance writer. This has meant many changes including learning to be strict with my time and being purposeful with my day as well as relishing in the fact I can go to work in pjs. It has also meant a massive cut in income as I am now living off savings, obviously this is quite hard but it has also been quite good for me as I have learnt more about enjoying the little things in life. My goal is to live a slow life and having less money has meant I've learnt to appreciate everything a lot more and so although difficult June has been very beautiful. And so I decided to do a sort of monthly favourites for June but focusing on the simple things in my life this month that have made it good.

1. Watching The Rain - I wrote a whole post on rainy summer days which you can read here, but for me watching the thunder storms in June has been amazing. I love the way it sounds, smells and looks as water cascades from the sky and falls out of the gutters of my house like a water fall. I find it very calming its helped me to enjoy being still in the moment.

2. Reading The Simple Things Magazine - If I could create my own magazine which had everything I loved in it this would be it. I came upon it completely by chance and I am so glad I did, I love to be able to sit down in an afternoon and read a whole magazine but I often find there are never any I want to read. I am really not interested in celebrity gossip, or how to lose 10 stone in a week or finding out about the latest sex tips. I like to read interesting articles that make me think and to learn new things. I want it to be relaxing and enjoyable and relatable and that is exactly what The Simple Things is. It is a lovely magazine all about enjoying The Simple Things in life such as food, travel, friends and nature. I would highly recommend you go and pick yourself up a copy!

3. Baking For My Friends - I used to bake a lot before I came to university but after putting on a lot of weight in my first year and then losing it again I became quite scared of making anything bad to eat. But having a little more time to myself now I have really enjoyed getting back into baking and have started to learn how to bake delicious and healthy cakes as well as the unhealthy ones. Although I try to lead a very healthy lifestyle I think having the odd treat is part of what makes life good and sharing that with my friends has definitely made it 10 times better. These cupcakes were baked especially for my bible study group and we really enjoyed them.

4. Doing Yoga - Whilst I was working full time I struggled to fit my exercise in and so now I am working from home I find it a lot easier. I love doing yoga, it really helps to calm and centre me as well as give me a good stretch out. I also use my yoga time to pray starting off with a bible study before hand and then continuing in conversation with God as I go. Its honestly the best way to start the day!

5. Watching The Harry Potter Films - I was lucky enough to get to go to Harry Potter Studios in London for my birthday this year with my fiancé and once we got back we wanted to watch all the films again. So we decided to watch all 8 in order and its been really nice just slowly watching them over the last month or so.

I've had a really amazing June and I've got a lot of exciting things coming up in July so look out for those. Let me know in the comments below the simple things you've enjoyed this month. 

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