Friday, 17 June 2016

Birthday Cocktails

"Cocktails: Because no great story started with some one eating a salad"

Being a blogger has given me the excuse to do lots of things I've always wanted to do, mainly prancing about in pretty outfits surrounded by beautiful countryside whilst my fiancé takes pictures of me, but it also gives me the opportunity to try new and exciting things like going to a cocktail bar. Now I'm not a huge alcohol drinker much to my fiancé's dismay (you can read his drinks blog over here) but I am open to trying different drinks in the hope I will find one I like. So when the lovely people at Be At One Oxford sent me an invite to their first birthday party I knew I couldn't refuse.

Both me and my fiancé had been thinking about going for quite a while to Be At One as it looked like quite a fun place to spend a Friday night but as is often the way for one reason or another we just hadn't made it. So I was really excited to go last Friday and they definitely didn't disappoint. The staff were so lovely and friendly and I tried a couple of cocktails one of which I really liked and we also enjoyed the delicious complimentary pizza that was being handed around. At first we sat on one of the seats by the windows looking out at Oxford passing by but later on we joined the party downstairs in the basement. It was a really fun night and I think both me and Russell really enjoyed spending some time doing something we wouldn't necessarily do normally. I think it would be an amazing place to have a party and I definitely love to go back at some point.

What I Wore...
Dress - Retro Attire Tewkesbury | Shoes - Primark | Bag - Primark

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