Monday, 2 May 2016

The Calming Sea Breeze

Having been brought up practically on the beach I do miss the sea a lot. I don't think I could ever be happy living away from water, I find it's presence very soothing and I am hoping that when we move to Scotland in a few years we will get to live by the Sea. The beauty of Scotland is you get to have oceans, hills, mountains, rivers and streams all in one place and this was definitely the case in Arran. These photos were taken after having a delicious breakfast at Coast in Whiting Bay, the sun was shining and the salty sea air was rippling my hair so I felt a little bit like a mermaid (although seeing as we were in Scotland, a Selkie). 

Those little moments of drinking in the quietness of nature are something I miss so much living in the city. I live opposite a big park and we go for walks in the woods as much as possible but it's just not the same as walking out your front door to the calming sound of waves against a shore or birds singing in the trees. My mental health is always so much better when I spend time outdoors and I know that it's something I really need to prioritise in my life along with taking time out for myself. We live in a society that is go, go go! all the time and leaves no time for relaxing, I find that so many of my friends and family actually feel guilty about giving themselves time to relax. I used to be the same, I used to have this constant feeling that I needed to be doing something or going some where however I am happy to say I'm starting to shake that feeling. Not only is taking time out for yourself good but it is also essential to a healthy and happy life. 

2016 has been about creating the type of life I want to lead and I am starting to realise it really is all about balance. I could be eating ridiculously healthy but if I'm not relaxing and I'm over stressed I won't feel the benefits. I now try really hard to get this time alone to relax and be still, be that reading a book in the garden, a walk in nature or just soaking up some sun lying in the grass. And sometimes it is really hard to find the time to do it, I often find myself planning my days and then realising I'm not giving myself down time. One thing I have found really helps is scheduling it in because it is just as important as my wedmin, or my exercise or my batch cooking. It can't just be a back thought that I will get to if I have time instead it needs to be prioritised. 

And so my question to you is how are you making sure you get the chill out time you need? What are you doing to give yourself those little moments of peace? I'd love to hear in the comments below!  

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