Monday, 9 May 2016

My Night Time Routine

As I've mentioned numerous times on here 2016 for me has been all about creating the life that I want to lead, I've been working on my physical health, my wellbeing and also my spiritual health and I have been enjoying sharing it all on here. I have tried lots of different things, some have worked others haven't and I thought I'd quite like to share some of these experiences. I haven't really done many health and wellness posts on here but I do feel that they go hand in hand with my faith posts and so I'd like to share them more and more. Starting off with my night time routine.

As some one who struggles with anxiety sleep has been a difficult topic the past year or so, I've found it harder and harder to be able to just nod off as I used to. Changing my diet and cutting out refined sugars and other foods that can give you a spike of energy before bed has really helped but I decided a needed a little bit more than that and so I created myself a little routine. Creating a routine is a great way to get more sleep if you're struggling as out bodies love a good routine, its amazing how quickly our bodies just step into time with us if we start doing the same things every night. After a week or so after I started my routine I found that as I went through the motions my body began to feel tired as if it new it was bed time and that is exactly what it is doing. When you brush your teeth and put your pjs on you are telling your body its time for sleeping. So here is my night time routine, I hope it can help you in some way:

1. Finish eating by 8-8:30 every night so your body has time to digest all the yummy food you've given it. Try to eat as nutritious and wholesome as you can especially in the evening, cut out processed foods and refined sugar as these can play havoc with your blood sugar giving you a burst of energy when you really don't need it. 

2. Turn off all screens by 9:30, this is something I really struggled with at first but more and more I'm finding it easier to put the phone away. I did have to change things around a little bit for example I stopped reading my bible notes app just before I went to sleep and instead did it in the morning when I first wake up. Looking at a screen before bed can really mess with your head as it emits a certain blue light that stimulates your brain waking it up instead of calming it down like you want to. 

3. Start a little beauty routine, around 9:30 - 10:00 I start my little beauty routine, I give myself a mini facial every night and then use a body butter all over my body. Not only is it really relaxing to massage your muscles and face you also get the benefits of highly nourished and protecting skin. 

4. Do something relaxing for 20 minutes before bed, I like to read or a book or colour before I go to sleep and I often do these in my bed so I can really relax into it. I like to try and shut my brain off from any of the thoughts floating around from the day and just enjoy spending some time doing things I love. 

5. Be in bed by 11 and try to wake up the same time each morning. I always try to make sure I get at least 8 hours sleep a night but normally I get 9 as I really like sleep. I try to make sure I am in bed by half past 10 and sleeping by 11 and wake up most days between half 7 and 8 in the morning. My body has not got into this routine and so if I'm not asleep by 11 I often find myself extremely tired. 

6. Try meditating, if you are one of those people like me who used to get  into bed and and your brain immediately starts to go into over drive thinking about all the things that happened that day then I would suggest meditation. If I've had a busy day or my brain is particularly anxious I like to get into bed, lie on my back, close my eyes and just focus on my breathing for about 10 minutes. Just doing that really helps to relax me and get me ready for sleeping and I find those thoughts and feelings just start to slip away as I fall asleep. 

I hope these tips helped you, I'd love to hear in the comments below what you think. I will also be doing a post soon on the night time products I use and how they help my sleep so look out for that! 

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