Friday, 8 April 2016

Ruins And Mountains And Trees Oh My!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now you will know I have a slightly worrying obsession with all things Scotland. My obsession is completely justified, I think, by the fact there really is no other place on earth like it, its a place where mountains, rivers, rolling hills, forests, seas and amazing cities all collide and it is definitely where I am happiest. Luckily for me the man I am marrying is from Scotland and so I get to visit his parents on the east coast very regularly. However this Easter we all ventured west to holiday for a week on the Isle of Arran. I was really looking forward to exploring this new part of Scotland and as usual it didn't disappoint. We saw forests and mountains and distilleries and castles and so much more which I will be putting into the next few blog posts. But for now here is a look at one of the lovely walks we went on.

One of the best parts of Arran has to be the hundreds of different trails and walks you can go on throughout the Island most of which are run by the Forestry Commission and range from very easy to strenuous. Due to it being an Island, most of the walks take in mountains, forests, sea views and ruins of some sort which to me is the best kind of walk you can find. These photos were taken on the Glenashdale Falls trail where we saw beautiful sea views, Goatfell mountain in the distance, an amazing iron age fort, a huge waterfall and a beautiful forest. If you are planning on going to Arran at some point this is a great walk for everyone, with only one steep section and a lot of views a long the way to keep small people entertained.

This was one of my favourite walks we went on this holiday (we went on quite a lot!) it was so unbelievably beautiful, and Scottish, and just reminded me of something out of a folk tale. I was even tempted to go searching for will-o-the-wisps in the forest as we walked around, it definitely made me feel a little bit like Merida. I'm really hoping to go back to Arran one day and I'd love to do this trail again, maybe next time I will have to wear a cape and carry a bow!

Look out for more Arran posts coming soon!

What I wore...
Jeans - F&F | Top - Fatface | Coat - Rydale | Boots - Hunters

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