Monday, 4 January 2016

The Slow Winter Days

I love this time of year. Everything seems to slow down as the last week of the year draws to a close and the first week of the new year begins. It could be that this has always been a time off for me, time off from school or work or university. My days are no longer filled with essays and textbook reading but instead I get to curl up in front of a fire with a book or roam the Scottish countryside in a pair of dungarees. I eat left over cake, I enjoy warm mugs of home made vegetable soup, I cuddle the dogs, I write and generally enjoy a slower pace of life - something I aspire to for my day to day living unfortunately it very rarely turns out that way. 

I've also had a chance to reflect on the last year and look forward to the new, something I enjoy doing each year and I have to say I am excited for this new season of my life. It is going to be very different and I don't doubt also very hard as much that is worthwhile in life often is. These slow and peaceful days I am still enjoying will be harder to catch once the year gets going and so I am holding onto them with both hands, desperate for them to stay around longer. I will have to make more effort this year to have these days and to live a slower pace of life but for now I can relish in them. 

These dungarees are perfect for these country days, so comfy and cosy and easy (and also very durable I found out after falling slam into the mud the first day I wore them). I picked them up along with the lacy top and a dress I'm sure will feature in a later post, at the Fatface sale. I am not a big one for sales but Hereford where my parents live isn't the busiest town and I had seen some great things in the sale online and so I decided to venture in and was glad I did. 
I am also wearing these beautiful little shell earrings I got as a present from my mum along with a matching necklace for Christmas. They are a very simple design which is perfect for me and remind me of my childhood by the sea. Having grown up by the sea I miss it a lot when I am in Oxford and can't wait to get back to rocky sandy shores with sea glass and shells just waiting to be discovered. Hopefully these earrings will help to remind me of my favourite place when I am away.   

Happy New Year everyone! 

What I Wore....
Dungarees - Fatface | Top - Fatface | Wellies - Hunters 


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