Friday, 29 January 2016

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For the last 21 years (my entire life) I have never really cared that much about my diet and what it does to my body. I love to cook and I love really good food so I never ate anything really bad for you on a regular basis and a lot of my cooking involved meat, carbs and vegetables - a nice balanced meal. I was never particularly interested in nutrition or eating in a way that would best serve my body. I had had problems with weight gain but if I put on too much weight I would just cut out all the junk exercise a bit more and a few months later I'd be back to normal and the whole process would start again.

However when the new year came a long last year and I had put on more than a few pounds (about two stone) I decided enough was enough. I was very unhappy with my weight and although I was never really fat my weight had yoyo'd all over the place during my life. I was constantly on and off diets, I would always be on to the next faddy diet like the military diet or a juice detox in the hope it would give me that "perfect" body. But none of these diets were sustainable and they often just made me feel a lot worse. I decided enough was enough, I wanted a sustainable diet that was healthy and made me feel amazing all the time. Whilst still at uni I began to look into nutrition a bit more. I became more aware of the importance of understanding exactly what you were putting into your body and how hard this can be on not only your internal system but also the world outside. Due to a particularly bad bout of depression is took me until the summer to really begin to turn my diet around but during that time I read books, blogs, articles I found on pinterest and I began to learn all about nutrition. Now I am in no way suggesting I am a nutrition expert or my diet is the perfect diet but the changes I have made to my lifestyle and my way of eating have made such a huge difference I really wanted to share them.

It began over the summer when I decided to cut out as much processed food as I possibly could which unfortunately included chocolate (insert weeping here) and instead focused my diet on wholesome, healthy, balanced meals. I stopped eating most things that came in packets and if it did come in a packet it could only have 5 or less ingredients and nothing strange that I couldn't pronounce or didn't understand. Processed food is one of the worst things we can eat as not only does it contribute so much waste and pollution to the environment the food itself is also packed full of preservatives and additives that can be harmful to our bodies. Eating unprocessed was amazing and really helped to get my body back to being healthy.

I started to do a lot more yoga as well and meditation to help my anxiety this pared with a healthy diet really made a huge difference to my body and my mental health. Over the summer I also began to read about plant based or vegan diets and the more I read the more it interested me and was something I wanted to try. However being at home with my family where we all sit and have dinner together it was too difficult for me to adopt an entirely plant based diet and so I ate plant based during the day and waited till I came back to uni to try it 100%.

I've been eating a plant based diet for 3 months now and I have to say it feels amazing. Not only am I losing weight and starting to get back down to my natural healthy size but my acne has cleared up on my face. As I said I love to cook and so I am really enjoying finding new and exciting ways to create my favourite meals like lasagne and burgers I am also enjoying how much cheaper my food shop has become since I stopped buying meat and filled my trolley with fruit and veg (you can buy almost twice as much).

I know this diet wouldn't suit everyone and I am by no means saying that this is the perfect diet and everyone must do this but it works well for me and I want to share my journey eating plant based and trying to get into a healthy lifestyle in case others are interested or in case it may help others who want to do the same things. I am planning on sharing recipes on here and what I eat in a day videos on my YouTube channel as well as talking about different exercise routines I am trying. I post food things on my instagram too so if you're interested check that out.

Hope you enjoy this new addition to my blog and I'd love to hear your thoughts, recipes and ideas so please do comment or tweet me.

Bye for now!

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