Monday, 25 January 2016

Adventure Awaits.....

Now that I am working most of the time I find myself really treasuring time off, I make much more of an effort to get out and do things and have fun rather than spending all of my days off in bed watching netflix (although sometimes you just need that). I've also found myself being rather inventive when it comes to finding things to do for the day as I am trying to save as much as I can this year. Luckily both me and my fiancĂ© got ourselves National Trust membership at the beginning of this year (Only £30 if you're under 25!) and with me now having a car we have endless places we can explore. Greys Court is only 45 minutes away from us in Oxford and so one cold day we decided to venture out and see what it was like.

As we started to drive away from Oxford the fields that surrounded the country roads we sped down slowly started to turn whiter and whiter and we soon realised the "rain" we were driving through was actually snow. When we arrived at Greys Court the whole place looked as though it had been delicately sprinkled with icing sugar with just a little bit of snow here and there. We decided not to look around the house this time as we really wanted to go for a walk and thought it would be better to explore the house on a day when we had more time to enjoy it. The grounds around the house are really lovely and there are quite a few different trails you can follow. 

I felt a bit like a modern day Lucy from The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe wearing a 1940s style dress, a faux fur headband and wandering about the grounds of a large house. I felt even more like Lucy once we walked into a small snowy wood, it was a rather magical feeling, I love anything Narnia-esque! I am really looking forward to coming back to explore the house and I think the gardens will be so beautiful in the spring. Its great to know we have somewhere so pretty to go and visit so close by.    


What I Wore...
Dress - Old | Coat - Wallis | Headband - Market Stall | Wellies - Hunters 

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