Monday, 14 December 2015

Wintry Sun And Curling Ivy + Special Announcement

Firstly, an apology for being totally MIA for the past week and and a bit, I do however have a valid excuse. Firstly the exciting and rather special news that me and my boyfriend Russell got engaged last weekend! I'm not going to lie, I knew it was going to happen as we had talked about it a lot as most Christian couples would, but it was still lovely and surprising in its own way. Unfortunately, however, it was shortly followed by the week from hell. I don't think I have been so stressed for quite a while, and when I say stressed I mean anxiety attack and stomach cramp inducing stressed. Fortunately things are starting to calm down quite a lot and I am excited to start getting back into blogging for Christmas. 

Due to the unforeseen stressful hell week, things changed a lot and vlogmas didn't happen on my YouTube channel and so to any of you who were looking forward to that I'm sorry - maybe next year! For now you will just have to make do with a fashion post (yay!!). This gorgeous mustard jumper, that I wore in one of my first ever fashion posts here, has become a firm favourite and a serious staple in my autumn/winter wardrobe this year. It was super cheap being from Primark but is incredibly cosy and comfy and easy to style up in many ways. Maybe I will do a three ways with a mustard jumper post one day, just to show you what I mean. 

This has to be one of my favourite ways of styling this jumper though as I love the jumper, shirt combo on both men and women. This shirt in particular is so cute with the little horses and being a horse rider and lover naturally I have to buy every piece of clothing with horses on I see. Sticking a shirt on under a jumper is also a really great way to smarten up a jumper and jeans combo and make it look a little vintage.    

These pictures were actually taken about 2 hours before Russell proposed and as you can see I wasn't really expecting it at the time! The wedding won't be for another year or so but I look forward to sharing some plans and inspiration on here. If you have any wedding tips for a newly engaged bride I'd love to hear them please do leave them in the comments. 

God bless! 

What I wore....
Jumper - Primark | Shirt - H&M | Jeans - New Look | Boots - New Look 



  1. Congratulations on your engagement! that's amazing news :D xxx

  2. Wow super congratulations! Love this outfit too, jumpers and shirts are such a classically chic combo!

    Anoushka Probyn - A London Fashion Blog

    1. Thank you! I know they are a must for this time of year! xx


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