Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Launch of Christian Chatter

Hello everyone! Today I have the very exciting news of announcing the launch of my new Christian section of both my blog and my YouTube Channel. I am so excited to share this with you and to kick it off I thought I might go back to the beginning a little and share some things about myself.

For those of you who don't know I am Rachel the author of this blog. I am a 21 year old writer and have been writing this blog for 6 months now. In that time it has slowly developed from a lifestyle blog to a Christian lifestyle, fashion and beauty blog. As well as a writer I am also a trained make up artist and I absolutely love fashion and beauty and sharing this on both my blogs. As I said before I am a writer and am currently working on my first Christian book which I hope to finish this year.

As a young Christian woman I have struggled to understand fashion and beauty in a Godly way due to how the world portrays them. They are essentially materialistic and perceived by some as sinful. However I believe that God created everything including fashion and beauty and its not wrong to enjoy them we just have to do it right. And this was my motivation for starting Christian chatter, I felt like there was a real need especially in the UK for Christian fashion and beauty bloggers to take action and share their faith. I also wanted to create a space for young Christian women who enjoy fashion and beauty but sometimes struggle to understand how their faith fits into that or to have a place where both a love of God and a love of fashion and beauty can be shared.

I am so excited to start this new venture and I hope you are too. Every week I will be posting about a Christian topic related to us girls as well as a beauty or fashion post. These Christian posts will help and encourage me and you in our journey through life with Christ as the centre. I will be offering advice and tips that have helped me but I don't know everything (obviously, that's Gods job) and so I would love to hear from you guys. Get in touch through the comments or by email/social media - all the links are in my contact/about page and tell me what you think. If you have a special story you think would help others then please do drop me an email as I'd love to share it on here.

I really hope you will join me on this journey and I am so excited to get started!

God bless!

P.S I talk a bit more about Christian Chatter in a video which you can watch here.

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