Sunday, 29 November 2015

Advent One

Today is the first day of advent and I am super excited. This day has always been one of my favourite days, the day we begin to count down till Christmas. Now I know what you guys are all thinking, what is such a level headed person like Rachel doing getting so excited by Christmas, right? No you're right that's just wishful thinking I am the crazy person who wears elf costumes at Christmas, but I do have a legitimate reason for acting like a 4 year old. This is Christmas! The birth of Christ, the saviour of man kind, the day God came down and dwelt among us. That is so worth celebrating and getting excited for! Okay now I am going to try to calm down.....a little. I just love to celebrate this time of the year, its an amazing chance for Christians to come together and celebrate and worship God and I intend to take full advantage of it every year.

This year I have decided to do a few different things that I will share with you and you will hopefully enjoy. Firstly this week kicks off the first of my advent series where I will be sharing my advent bible studies with you and all the bits and bobs I've been learning whilst reading about Christ. I will also be sharing Christmas bits and bobs from my week and doing a weekly vlog over on my YouTube channel. I did think about doing vlogmas but I have never done it before so I thought it'd be nice to just do a weekly round up with lots of clips of bible studies and Christmas shopping and decorations and church services I am going to, along with whatever other Christmassy things I get up to.

I found the advent bible study I will be following over on pinterest where there are loads of different ones with advice and tips from all sorts of people. This is just the one I preferred. Let me know if you decide to do this too I'd love to hear how you get on with it.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday and that you are excited as I am for the first day of advent. God bless! 

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