Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Wanderings

It seems at the moment that my favourite spaces seem to be the beautiful gardens of National Trust stately homes or in this case a privately owned Castle otherwise known as Glamis Castle. I love to wander through looking at the walled gardens full of stunning wild flowers and then stepping out of the gate into the wilderness of parkland that surrounds these stately homes. Maybe it's my subconscious telling me I should actually be a Gaelic princess living in a Scottish Castle hidden away in the highlands preferably with a library like Belle as I said in my last post.

These beautiful photo's were taken last weekend when me and my boyfriend went to a classic car show held in the grounds of Glamis Castle. My boyfriend is very into his cars especially classic ones and being a big fan of vintage I rather like them too. He has his very own classic car and so we decided to exhibit it at the show meaning we had to be there rather early. But included in the price of the ticket was access to the grounds and gardens of the castle and so we decided to have a little wander before the business of the day began.

Stepping into the gardens was like stepping into another world, the noise of cars revving and horns beeping and the bag pipes blowing slowly disappeared as we entered the woods at the side of the house. We said hello to some friendly highland coo's across the water and went to smell the flowers in the walled garden. It was a really beautiful hour spend relaxing in the sunshine and because it was so early we were the only ones there. We also managed to find a beautiful little cottage in the woods which looked like it had fallen out of a fairytale book and it took all my strength not to go and knock on the door to ask if I could move in.

It was such a beautifully serene morning and if you are ever in Angus I would really suggest you go and visit Glamis Castle as it is a truly amazing piece of architecture as well as having such lovely gardens and grounds.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! those archways are so pretty and I love those flowers. One of my favs to see in a garden! x
    Sinead | Dreaming Again


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