Friday, 10 July 2015

My First Time......

 .......picking strawberries! Yes I was a very deprived child and was never taken strawberry picking. But to be fair to my parents I was one of four and my house was always a bit crazy and to be honest there aren't many strawberry farms in Liverpool. But when my boyfriend and his family found out I'd never been strawberry picking they told I hadn't truly experienced the joys of a strawberry until I'd picked them myself. And so on a rather sunny day (not something we get a lot of in Scotland) me, my boyfriend and his sister all went to the Cairnie fruit farm to go strawberry picking.

I was relatively restrained and only ate a few strawberries whilst I was picking as it did seem a bit naughty even if everyone else was doing it. And I have to say it was really fun actually picking my own strawberries and being able to take them home to eat. It was also quite a cheap trip out as there was no entrance few you simply paid for what you picked so the three of us had an hour of entertainment for only £4.50. We also got to dip them into cream and hot chocolate sauce when we got home which was amazing. 

I'd definitely like to go again and I think it is definitely something to do when I have my own children as I imagine its almost more fun to watch a little one picking and eating than it is to do it yourself. Let me know in the comments if you've been strawberry picking this year or if you used to go when you were little.

Bye for now!


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