Monday, 6 July 2015

A Day At The Beach

Scotland is beautiful and I love it so much but we really don't get that many sunny days and so when we do we take full advantage of them. A few days ago was one of those days. We woke up to find the sun was shining and the temperature was above 20 degrees and so we decided to pack up and go to the beach in Kingsbarns for the day. I had never been to this beach before but my boyfriend told me it was very beautiful and also fairly quiet especially if you didn't mind walking a bit further from the car park. And boy was he right! As soon as I stepped out the car I felt like I'd arrived in the Caribbean, the sky was blue, the sand was yellow and the sea was a beautiful mismatched patchwork of turquoise and sea green.

We walked away from where everyone else was sitting along the costal path to a much more secluded area of the beach. Although I managed to get stung by nettles and cut my ankle on brambles it was so worth it, apart from the odd dog walker we had the entire beach to ourselves for the entire day. We spent the day lying around on the sand, eating doughnuts we'd picked up on the way and swimming in the freezing cold sea. It was very very cold but after a few goes of running in and out our bodies were numbed enough for us to enjoy it a little bit.

As the sea went out it began to reveal some sandbanks and in particular one very large one that was only a few minutes walk into the sea and water level wasn't above knee height so we decided to move to our own private Island. We must have looked a bit ridiculous both of us carrying our bags above our heads to the Island and then coming back for our dogs but there was no one there to see and we got to feel even more like we were having a proper adventure. We lay out our rug on the sand and sunbathed until we were so hot we went back into the freezing sea off the back of our private Island.

It was a truly idillic day and a much needed rest and recuperation for us both. We are definitely looking at going back sometime this summer when the sun comes out again. Hope you are all having lots of adventures this summer.

Bye for now!


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