Monday, 18 May 2015

The Wild May Flowers

Finally my exams are over and I am completely free! It still hasn't really sunk in yet I'm still feeling all wired and nervy like I have been for the past 4 weeks, I guess it's difficult to shake off that stressed feeling. But in an attempt to get into relaxation mode me and Russell decided to go for a lovely walk in the countryside. Both me and my boyfriend go to university in Oxford and without a car its surprisingly difficult to get away from the business especially this time of year when thousands upon thousands of tourists descend on Oxford. But if you're are willing to walk a bit you can find some beautiful sights along the Thames path and after a while you begin to lose the people as well. 

Due to exams it's been a while since I went a wandering in Oxford and I was completely bowled over by the sheer amount of beautiful flowers every where. My favourite colour to see this time of year is yellow, I absolutely love the golden fields of rape seed that look like a river of sunshine and the wild look of the startlingly bright buttercups dotted all over the place. We also saw and smelt lilac which is another of my favourite flowers. 

The earth never fails to amaze me, with each new season we get completely new and beautiful sites in a multitude of colour all on display for us. I can't wait to spend as much of my summer out and about in it under the sunshine, smelling the roses.   

Hope you are all having a lovely time in the May sunshine! Let me know in the comments what you've been up to.

Bye for now! 


  1. The colours are just beautiful ^.^ eeep! all the flowers <3

    Sarah xxo |

    1. I know I love the flowers!! I just want to put them all in my bedroom but decided to leave them there for others to see too!

  2. Such beautiful pictures my dear. I especially love the last one. I do love flowers. xx


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