Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Summer To Do List

The blossom is out, the sun is shining and the days are getting longer - its official, Spring has sprung! The other day when walking through the centre of Oxford I came across this magnificent cherry blossom. It was surrounded by tourists and locals alike taking photos and selfies and getting into ridiculous poses trying to get a good snap of themselves and the blossom. So of course I whipped out my camera and joined them. I love the candy pink blossom against the bright sky blue and later when I was looking through my pictures it reminded me of summer. Of sunny blue skies and ice creams on the beach, paddling in the sea and sunbathing with a good book. And after reading Anna's post over on "The Cornish Life" I decided to write my own list of things I'd like to do this summer.

1. Go swimming in the sea/wild swimming - I am spending the summer in Herefordshire and Scotland and a little bit in Cornwall so I'm hoping there will be a few opportunities for me to don my spotty swimsuit and jump about in the waves.

2. Eat plenty of ice cream - does this even need an explanation? I think not.

3. Watch the sunset and rise in one night - Me and my boyfriend have both always wanted to see a sunrise properly from a hill (not just on the way back from a night out) so we have decided one night this summer we will climb a big hill and watch it set, curl up in blankets under the stars and then watch the sun rise again.

4. Go on a hack on the Malvern Hills - I have been riding since I was about 7 and one of my favourite things to do especially in summer is go on a hack. And having just recently moved to Hereford I can't wait to go for a hack on the Malvern Hills.

5. Write write write - I have been trying to finish my children's book for a very long time (bearing in mind I wrote the initial story when I was 10) so I've set myself a task of writing everyday this summer to try to get it done.

6. Go for drives with the roof down - I think its pretty obvious that this is something I enjoy and me and my boyfriend have planned many summer drives in Scotland and Hereford in Clifford (the best car ever!). I doubt we will have his roof up at all this summer!

These are just a few of the things I hope to get up to this summer. What are you looking forward to this summer? I'd love to hear your plans.

Bye for now!



  1. Number 3 is so cute, I want to do that now! Blossom is so pretty

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Me too! Silly university work and exams making me have to stay indoors and get lots of sleep! :(

  2. What beautiful pictures of the blossoms!! Writing is a great goal/to-do for the summertime! I especially love when I can grab pen and paper and hike out somewhere to just be by myself with nature. I don't do it often, perhaps only a couple times in the last couple of years.. Perhaps I'll need to write a summer to-do, too! Good luck with your goals and especially the Children's books. That would be fun to see!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thank you so much! I love that so many other people love to write too! Its really hard sometimes to get yourself going but once you do its so amazing and freeing! Definitely write a summer to do its actually just really good fun! xx

  3. Such pretty pictures, they look fab! x

  4. Great list! I would love to have another piece of music published, maybe one of my worship songs from church or my nativity songs for kids. Would also like to do my LRSM flute diploma! X

    1. Oh wow writing music sounds amazing I wish I could do that unfortunately I can only sing other people's music haha x

  5. And actually write more music!


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