Friday, 24 April 2015

Pretending To Be Barbour Models.......A Sort Of Outfit Post

The other day it was my birthday and we went on a picnic and a walk around the meadow. This blog is not really a style blog I tend to like to be behind the camera taking pictures of the outdoors and wildlife rather then having my photo taken. But I decided to brave it and have a go at an outfit of the day post and forced Russell to do it with me. Standing on logs and posing was a fairly new concept to me and I ended up giggling a bit too much and not really taking it as seriously as we could instead we oppted to do our best Barbour model impressions and this is the result. 

It was really hot on my birthday and so I chose to wear this floaty Greek style dress from new look. It's very comfortable with an elastic waist and so perfect for a birthday binge of yummy caterpillar cake and posh sandwiches from sainsburys. It was also incredibly cool which was essential for the hot weather. And on my feet I wore my super comfy gladiator sandals that I bought in Macy's when I visited New York 3 years ago. The back pack is probably my favourite part of this outfit I bought it when I was in Portugal from a shop down a little cobbled street in Lagos that sells everything you can imagine made from leather.

I'm not sure how I feel about outfit posts, this was fun to do and I am sure I will do a few more in the future. What do you like to wear in the sunshine? Would you like me to do more outfit posts?

Bye for now!


  1. I like varied blogs, since that is what I try to achieve, so a bit of everything is always great to see or read. Ha yes, I remember feeling daft when I first did outfit posts. Doesn't change but you just embrace it! X


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