Thursday, 30 April 2015

One Size Does Not Fit All

In today's post I wanted to talk about something a little bit controversial but it is quite close to my heart. I have always been a curvy woman, I am quite busty and I have an hour glass figure, I don't have a gap between my thighs and yes my belly jiggles a bit. I have always struggled with my body like so many other women and I still struggle now but as I have gotten older it has really started to annoy me. Why do we have such an obsession in society with conformity? Why must every woman look the same? Why must every woman in the media be tall and skinny? The world is made up of millions of beautiful woman of all different shapes, sizes and colours. What makes us beautiful is the fact that we are all unique in our own way. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder which means we all find different things beautiful and so why must we all aspire to one type of beauty?

And I know it is not just me who wants this to change, I recently read this article on Facebook and it made me so happy to see women uniting everywhere to fight against our media telling us how we should look. Whether you are short, tall, slim or curvy whether your have big breasts or little breasts whether your hair is long and thick or short and cropped it doesn't matter we are all beautiful. Wouldn't it be amazing if instead of trying to compete with each other we started to build each other up? If we all started to tell each other how beautiful we are instead of being jealous of each other then we might all start to believe it.

I have started to try and change this poisonous attitude towards my body and others that I have grown up with and I really want to encourage you to do the same. Here are a few of the things I am trying to do:

  • Stop saying negative things about my body and about my appearance.
  • Stop saying negative things about others bodies and appearance no matter whether they are right in front of you or on the screen in front of you or in a magazine. 
  • When you see something about a person that you like tell them! If it's some one you don't know you might want to be a bit careful but if you are at school or uni or work and you see some one wearing a nice scarf or you like their hair tell them! It might give them a little bit of extra confidence that day and it just encourages each other. 
  • This is the big one for me - stop saying negative comments around the younger generation. Why have we grown up with the idea that its okay to say such nasty things about our own bodies? Because we saw our mums, our sisters, our grandma's e.t.c doing the same. I don't want my future child boy or girl to grow up thinking its okay to talk about your body like that or for them to begin copying my behaviour.  
So I challenge you to unite and start celebrating our beautiful bodies and not be ashamed any more. If you want a bikini body go and stick a bikini on, if you want to wear that figure hugging dress then wear it. You should be proud of your beautiful and unique body. 

Bye for now! 

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  1. YES! The cultural shift over the years in the definition of "beautiful" is so frustrating. We should be celebrating everyone's beauty!


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