Wednesday, 22 April 2015

One Mans Junk........

The Big Clear Out 

At the moment me and my family are in the process of piling everything up into boxes in preparation for the big move to Hereford. This has meant I have been forced into sorting through the piles and piles of junk that have just been compiling dust over the years. However once I started to go through it I realised most of it wasn't junk, what was no longer useful to me could in fact be exactly what some one else needs.

During my gap year I worked for the Charles Thompson Mission, an organisation that tries to help people in poverty and be a witness for Christ. Every week day morning they offer people a hot meal and somewhere to sit and socialise, they also have a clothes and home ware store open so that anyone in need can come and get clothes, toiletries, furniture, make up, cutlery, plates, towels, bedding and anything else a person may need. It is a fantastic organisation and they work tirelessly within the community to help alleviate poverty and make a positive change in society. I absolutely loved working there and fully support all the work they do.

It was whilst I was going through all the random stuff I had accumulated over the years that I remembered the importance to other people of all these things. I didn't need this blanket I had when I was 9 years old or a load of children's picture books but to some one who is expecting a child and unsure of how they will afford all the costs that this comes with this can make a real difference. Some of the clothes I was finding I thought could be sold in a charity shop but I knew a lot of it wouldn't be taken by a charity shop but to a mission these things were perfect.

The goal of this post is to encourage you to not just throw things away, not only will you help the environment by not creating more landfill but you could also make such a difference to some ones life. If we all take the time to go down to the local charity shop with our unwanted things or do some research and find a homeless shelter that takes the things you don't want any more. There are city missions all over the UK or contact the Salvation Army.

Imagine how many people could be helped and how much less of an impact we would be making on the environment if we stopped throwing things away and gave them to others. Let me know if you have had a clear out recently, where would you like to or do you send your unwanted things? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I always try to give unwanted items to a charity shop but a mission is a great idea too. If charity shops deem clothes not 'up to standard' or whatever, they sell them to textile dealers who then use them for industrial cleaning etc or sold abroad but it would be so much better if they could be used in their current state.


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