Monday, 13 April 2015

A Walk On The Beach In St Andrews

Trying and failing to look windswept and interesting.....

One of the things I really miss being at University in the middle of the country is the beach. Having grown up in a house practically on the beach in the Wirral I was very used to being able to step down onto the sand, feel it crunch beneath my feet and feel the cool breeze blow into my hair. And then I moved to Oxford and I no longer needed to walk along the beach just to get to the supermarket or was able to go paddling just because I looked out my window and saw the tide was in. The first few months I was fine but then I began to feel a sort of yearning to be back on the beach, to hear the waves and taste the salty air. 

So you can imagine that I did a jump of joy when my boyfriend first told me he not only lived in one of those most beautiful parts of Scotland with forests and rolling hills and the highlands only a few hours away but that he also lived right next to the beach. My family have now since moved away from the Wirral into the beautiful countryside of Herefordshire meaning that I only get to go to the beach when I am on holiday or visiting my boyfriends family. And so one afternoon whilst on holiday in my new favourite place (Scotland) me and Russell found ourselves packing the dogs up into the car for a stroll on the beach in St Andrews.

The dogs were only slightly more excited than I was (I managed to keep my cool and not chase all the seagulls and run head first into the lapping waves although I was sorely tempted to do so quite a few times). The sun was shining the sky was blue and as is obligatory when on the beach in the North there was a gale force wind blowing sand all over us. It was amazing. Later when walking through St Andrews I discovered I not only had sand all up my legs, in my boots and in the turn ups of my jeans but also in my ears. You know it has been a good walk when you are getting sand out of your ears 3 hours later. 

 I am now completely and utterly in love with the beach in St Andrews and I can't wait to go back this summer for what I hope will be another windy walk with the dogs.

Bye for now!



  1. Hello, just seen this post on twitter so decided to check it out! I love it and some great pictures! Loved your blog, so have given it a follow :) XX

  2. Thanks I'm glad you like it! :) x

  3. I've always wanted to visit Scotland properly, I've only ever been to Edinburgh but I loved it!
    I know utterly what you mean about the yearning for the sea when stuck far in the mainland :( That beach looks so lovely! look at all the trees lined right up by the sea ^.^ Ahhh! You have a lovely blog Rachel and thankyou for your kind comment on my own ^.^ I'm now your newest follower :) ♥

    Sarah xxo |

    1. You definitely have to go! It is a bit of a trek all the way from the south but worth it! And St Andrews beach is just stunning can't wait to go back. Thank you so much! This is one of the best parts about being a blogger getting to talk to lovely people who like the same things! xxx

  4. lovely beach ! and I am loving your two cute dogs haha ! :)


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